Ronnie James Dio Remembered by Former Collaborators Five Years After His Death

Former collaborators from Black Sabbath, Elf, Rainbow and his namesake band joined in an emotional public memorial service held Saturday for Ronnie James Dio on the fifth anniversary of his death.

Vinny Appice, who worked with Dio both in Black Sabbath and the offshoot band Heaven and Hell, took part in a rendition of “Rainbow In The Dark” with former Dio band members Rowan Robertson, Rudy Sarzo and Scott Warren, among others. Dio Disciples, which features ex-Dio members Craig Goldy, Simon Wright and Warren, performed “Stargazer.”

Rock Feinstein of Elf joined figures with connections to Asia and Quiet Riot for “Mistreated,” which also featured Warren. Rainbow’s Jimmy Bain hooked up with Appice as well as members of Black Star Riders for “Stand Up and Shout.” Additional songs and performers, as well as video from the event, is below.

Great White, Rough Cutt and ex-Megadeth guitarist Chris Broderick were among the others who performed at the memorial, held at Los Angeles’ Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills. Dio died of stomach cancer on May 16, 2010, at age 67.

Watch Great White Perform ‘Heaven and Hell’ at the Ronnie James Dio Memorial

Watch Jimmy Bain, Carmine Appice and Others Perform ‘Stand Up and Shout’

Watch Lita Ford and Others Perform ‘Lisa’

Songs and performers from the Ronnie James Dio memorial:
“Lisa,” Lita Ford, Patrick Kennison, Marty O’Brien
“Heaven and Hell,” Great White
“Last in Line,” Great White featuring Lorraine Lewis
“Take Her,” Rough Cutt
“Mistreated,” John Payne, Rock Feinstein, Christian Martucci, Sean McNabb, Roy Mayorga and Scott Warren
“Rainbow in the Dark,” Gabbie Rae, Rowan Robertson, Rudy Sarzo, Vinny Appice and Scott Warren
“Sign of the Southern Cross,” Ann Boleyn, Craig Goldy, Sean McNabb, Simon Wright and Scott Warren
“Stargazer,” Dio Disciples
“Stand Up and Shout,” Ricky Warwick, Robbie Crane, Chris Broderick, Jimmy Bain and Vinny Appice

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RONNIE JAMES DIO’S Widow Is Resurrecting A 1980s Supergroup For Charity

Most of you reading this are probably too young to remember, but back in the 1980s rock stars loved getting together to record songs for charity. They didn’t love it as much as cocaine, but celebrity supergroups where probably a close second. The two most well-known of these were Band-Aid, a supergroup organized by Bob Geldof that raised money to fight hunger in Africa with “Do They Know It’s Christmas;” a song that portrayed the continent as a Mad Maxian hellspcape, and USA For Africa, which was led by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie and also raised millions of dollars for famine relief in Africa with the (noticeably less bleak) song “We Are the World.” Each of these projects raised millions of dollars for their respective causes and had the added bonus of inspiring Vivian Campbell and Jimmie Bain of Dio to approach Ronnie James Dio with an idea for a heavy metal and hard rock version of these groups.

The three went to work writing a song that would eventually be called simply “Stars,” and on May 20th and 21st assembled a murderer’s row of heavy weight singers and guitarists to record the song at A & M Studios in Hollywood, California under the name Hear ‘n Aid. Among the participants were Dio himself, Rob Halford, Chris Holmes and Blackie Lawless (W.A.S.P.), Yngwie Malmsteen, Kevin DuBrow (Quiet Riot), Ted Nugent, Don Dokken (Dokken), Vince Neil (Mötley Crüe), and Geoff Tate (Queensrÿche). Dio intended for the song to be released as a single shortly after it was recorded, but some legal malarkey with the record labels involved held the release up until New Years Day of 1986 when “Stars” finally saw the light of day. Dio and company also released a making-off documentary to and a full album featuring some additional songs by artists like AcceptRush, and Motörhead to accompany the song. “Stars” peaked at #26 at the UK Singles chart in 1986, and, according to Ronnie James Dio, it raised $1 million that first year.

Now, nearly 30 years after the initial release of “Stars,” Dio’s widow Wendy has announced her intention to release the original song with loads of bonus material. On a recent interview with SiriusXM’s Eddie Trunk she said, “We are in talks right now with a couple of record labels to reissue Hear ‘n Aid, with the funds going to the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund. She went on to say, “We have so much stuff that was never released before — behind-the-scenes stuff that was shot during the whole time. We have photos galore of everybody that was involved in it, and I think it’ll be fantastic. We just have to work on it. It may not come out this year, because I want everything to be perfect, as Ronnie would want it to be, but I am in talks about it, and that will be coming out, definitely.”

Additionally, Wendy stated that a new Hear ‘n Aid track will be recorded for charity, although she didn’t reveal the names of anyone involved. Just that the line-up would consist of current and classic artists and proceeds would go to the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund and it probably wouldn’t be out this year due again to legal bullcrap with some record labels. Below you’ll find the video for the original version of “Stars.” Yeah it’s cheesy, but it’s also a lot of fun and it was for a good cause. Keep your eyes peeled for more news regarding the new incarnation of Hear ‘n Aid.

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Our featured artist this week: motion device!

New Band Month continues with this week’s featured artist, Canadian band Motion Device!  Please visit their official website to learn more about this fantastic young group of musicians!

Official video from Motion Device’s single, “A Piece of Rock and Roll,” from their debut EP:



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Sixx: A.M. at The Vic Theatre in Chicago, IL on 04-Apr-2015

Sixx:A.M. in Chicago with Apocalyptica and the VAMPS.

2009 was the last time Sixx:AM has been on tour. In the music business, this could be the end for many bands, but when you have bassist Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue, featuring one of the top guitarist’s in rock, DJ Ashba, along with producer extraordinaire/singer James Michael, you can do this. Since that time, they have released three studio albums, their latest Modern Vintage which debuted #1 on rock charts.

Opening the show was VAMPS from Japan. Just as Sixx:A.M. stopped touring, VAMPS released their first album, VAMPS, in 2009 and last year released BloodSuckers in October. Opening with “World’s End,” off their new album, they set a high standard, which got raised with each band on the bill. The charismatic singer, Hyde and guitarist K.A.Z., gave American fans a 30-minute taste of what has been driving fans in Japan crazy for years.

Apocalyptica have been producing cello metal since 1996 and have, just as of this review, dropped their eighth album, Shadowmaker. As the intro began, the crowd packed in tighter to see this curious band from Finland, which many have heard on the radio but not many have seen live. Apocalyptica’s past albums featured guest vocalists, but with Shadowmakerthey relied on Cuban-American Franky Perez to sing tracks on the whole album as well as join them on this tour. Adding Perez to the touring lineup has completed a missing piece to an otherwise great live band.

As the lights dimmed, the intro to “X-Mas in Hell” signaled to the sold-out crowd it was time. Fans waited six long years to sing-along to Sixx:A.M. Opening with “Let’s Go” from the new album, Modern Vintage; throughout the set they played seven songs from the new album. The interaction between DJ Ashba and Nikki Sixx was refreshing to see for artists of their stature to be playing with each other and the sheer joy of sharing the stage together.

James Michael’s voice was in fine form and when paired with two backup singers, created a perfect blend unseen on many rock stages.

Nikki Sixx let the crowd and Yahoo audience know that Sixx:A.M. will be touring heavily in 2016, along with recording a new album. Contemplating retiring after Motely Crue wrap up touring this year, the fan response to Sixx:A.M. has rejuvenated him to continue touring and making music.

Michael sat down to play the ivory on a grand piano as he sang “Skin.” DJ Ashba was sitting on the piano as lounge singer playing his solo; showcasing each other’s talent in perfect unison.

The night ended with “Life is Beautiful” … a track that propelled Sixx:A.M. from three guys as friends not looking to form a band, to now selling out venues and playing with a fearlessness unseen in today’s music.

Review: Sixx:A.M. rocks at the Royal Oak

Nikki Sixx and James Michael perform Tuesday, April 21, 2015, with their band, Sixx:A.M., at Royal Oak Music Theater. Photo by Ken Settle

ROYAL OAK >> We can now be assured that Nikki Sixx has something to fall back on after Motley Crue says its final farewell at the end of the year.

As if we really needed to worry about that.

In the midst of the Crue’s Final Tour — which plays a third Detroit-area date on Aug. 9 at The Palace of Auburn Hills — the bassist brought his other band, Sixx:A.M., to town Tuesday night (April 21) at the Royal Oak Music Theatre as part of its first-ever headlining tour. The group, formed to provide a companion album to Sixx’s 2007 memoir “The Heroin Diaries,” has hit the road before, as part of the 2008 Cruefest tour, but with three albums behind it now, and a couple of hits in “Life Is Beautiful” and “Stars,” Sixx:A.M. showed itself to be tight and polished, bolstered in particular by the experience of Sixx and Guns N’ Roses guitarist DJ Ashba.

And with Michigan-born frontman James Michael, in Billy Idol-style peroxide blonde, Sixx:A.M. displayed an arena-worthy swagger during its 17-song, 90-minute show, which gave Tuesday’s intimate setting a considerable dynamic wallop.

The show’s focus was, not surprisingly, on Sixx A.M.’s latest album, “Modern Vintage,” although it drew just as many tracks from 2011’s “This is Gonna Hurt.” Hitting the stage after opening sets from Japan’s Vamp and the Swedish cello act Apocalyptica, Sixx:A.M. charged right into the big-beat glam of “Let’s Go,” the urgent rock of “Give Me a Love” and big-melody punch of “Relief” — a wham-bam opening that was certainly steeped in Motley Crue’s blend of catch pop and heavy rock, but with less punk and more pomp — the latter especially evident in the dramatic arrangements of “Dead Man`s Ballet,” “Gotta Get It Right,” “Goodbye My Friends” and the power ballad “Accidents Can Happen.”


The night’s only miscues were the “Modern Vintage” disco-funk track “Miracle,” which was too far out of step with the rest of the show’s offerings, and a cover of the Cars’ “Drive” which didn’t quite work in Sixx:A.M.’s adrenalized treatment.

Backed by a touring drummer and two female backing vocalists, Sixx and company were clearly stoked to finally be out on tour — and each of them made sure to tell the Royal Oak crowd that during the course of the show. Sixx in particular seemed energized and excited as he offered a discourse about Sixx:A.M.’s accidental birth and promised more in the future — including another album and world tour in 2016. “We’re gonna stick around,” he said, and on Tuesday he certainly had a theater full of fans who were happy to hear it.


NIKKI SIXX On MÖTLEY CRÜE Playing Final Show At Whisky: ‘It Sounds Romantic’ But Is ‘Not A Very Good Idea’

NIKKI SIXX On MÖTLEY CRÜE Playing Final Show At Whisky: 'It Sounds Romantic' But Is 'Not A Very Good Idea'

MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx spoke to Australia’s Rolling Stone magazine about the band’s “The Final Tour”, which kicked off last year and will end New Year’s Eve at the Staples Center in Los Angeles after one more round of North American gigs.

Asked if the CRÜE is still planning to play a set at the Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, California after the band’s Staples Center show on December 31, Nikki responded: “I don’t know. By the time we get off stage and hang out, it will be about 2 o’clock in the morning. Do you want to drive into Hollywood, get there about 4, play at 5 a.m.?”

He continued: “I think I like the send-off at the Staples, where we blow the place up, rather than kind of hobbling through a set at the Whisky at 5 o’clock in the morning!

“It sounds all romantic, until you really put the pieces of the puzzle together and you go, ‘Yeah, it’s actually not a very good idea.'”

The idea of MÖTLEY CRÜE playing its final show at the Whisky A Go Go was first raised last year by singer Vince Neil, who told the Las Vegas Weekly: “Rumor has it, the last few shows are going to be Vegas and L.A., because we wanted to end in 2016 in Los Angeles where we started.

“After New Year’s, we’ll do three nights at one of the arenas in L.A.,” Neil added. “And then do a special show at the Whisky A Go Go on our 35th anniversary.”

MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee told Rolling Stone last year: “We want to finish where we started. There’s talk about the Staples Centre and the Forum, though it might end with a 1 a.m. show at the Whisky. Fuck, we all used to live around the corner from that club.”

Sixx added. “After we take the final bow, I’m gonna drive home alone with the radio off.

“I’ll go past the Roxy, the Rainbow and the Troubadour. I’ll open the door to my house and be like, ‘Where did all the fucking years go?’ Then I’ll close the door and wait for the next chapter.”

While announcing the first details of “The Final Tour” at a Los Angeles press conference in January 2014, the four members of MÖTLEY CRÜE revealed that they took the unusual step of having their lawyer draw up a formal “cessation of touring” agreement that goes into effect at the end of 2015 and prohibits the members of the group from going on the road again under the MÖTLEY CRÜE banner.

“The only loophole is if all four members agreed to break the contract,” Sixx said before adding. “There is no amount of money that would ever make me do it again. We’d have so much egg on our face.”

After the completion of the farewell tour, MÖTLEY CRÜE guitarist Mick Mars is expected to put the finishing touches on his long-in-the-works debut album as well as a memoir. Sixx will focus much of his efforts on his other band, SIXX: A.M., while Neil will continue his solo career. Lee‘s plans have not yet been revealed, but he did tell Newsday: “I am writing and putting things aside. It’s a different direction from my last solo work because I’m changing around all the components. It won’t be something you’ve heard or seen before. Believe me, I’m not done after this.”


MÖTLEY CRÜE Announces 21 More North American Tour Dates

Iconic rock band MÖTLEY CRÜE has announced 21 more North American dates. The new shows will take place in October and December as part of the band’s two-year “The Final Tour” cycle. MÖTLEY CRÜE‘s touring career will conclude on New Year’s Eve, December 31 at Staples Center in their hometown of Los Angeles where the band began 34 years ago.

Says bassist Nikki Sixx: “The demand to add more shows in North America has been overwhelming. The fans have spoken, so we’ve been trying to find time for more dates in addition to the international dates on the schedule this year. We want to say goodbye to as many fans as possible so we added these shows around the holidays. No better way to spend them than with the people who have supported us over all these years.”

The new North American shows announced today will see the band visit cities such as Little Rock, Arkansas and Lincoln, Nebraska in the U.S. and Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon in Canada. All dates will be taking place in arenas exclusively to ensure fans get to experience the full show production of “The Final Tour”.

Leading up to today’s announcement, MÖTLEY CRÜE gave fans an opportunity to voice their thoughts on what additional cities they would like to see the band play. Fans shared their messages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #DemandtheCrue and could see the progress of the conversation via a heat map that was updated daily at:

After thirty-four years performing together, MÖTLEY CRÜE‘s 2015 leg of “The Final Tour” includes shows all across the globe. Next up, MÖTLEY CRÜE will head over to Australia and New Zealand in May for their last-ever shows there. June will see the band saying farewell to the European festival circuit with three massive performances at Download (UK), Sweden Rock (Sweden) and Nova Rock (Austria) festivals before taking their can’t-miss show back to the U.S., Canada, and Mexico this summer.

MÖTLEY CRÜE first announced plans for “The Final Tour” by signing a Cessation Of Touring Agreement at a press conference in Los Angeles in January 2014, solidifying the end of their touring career for December 2015. Since the announcement, the band has been touring tirelessly to say goodbye to fans around the world, most recently playing their final shows in Japan.

The 2014 leg of “The Final Tour” was one of last year’s top-grossing tours, selling close to a million tickets across 72 cities and grossing more than $45 million.

MÖTLEY CRÜE‘s ‘Final Tour’ has been a massive global success and a true testament to the popularity of this legendary rock band,” says Rick Franks, Live Nation‘s regional president of North American concerts. “New Year’s Eve 2015 will mark the end of an era in rock history but there’s no doubt that MÖTLEY CRÜE‘s music will influence generations of artists for years to come.”

Audiences can also expect a high-energy performance from very special guest Alice Cooper, who joined the band for “The Final Tour” in 2014. He will be tearing up the stage for crowds in Australia/New Zealand and across North America once again on most 2015 dates. The pairing has been roundly praised as a must-see by fans and media alike.

The band’s exclusive VIP Packages (including opportunities to meet band members, new exclusive merchandise, up-close and personal view of the encore performance like never before in the Crüesnest, and more) and fan club pre-sales for these dates start April 22. Check out VIP offers at

Local ticket pre-sales start this Thursday, April 23 at 10 a.m. local time before the public on-sale begins on Friday, April 24 at 10 a.m. local time with some dates going on sale on Saturday, April 25.

Newly confirmed MÖTLEY CRÜE tour dates:

Oct. 05 – Hidalgo, TX – State Farm Arena
Oct. 07 – Dallas, TX – American Airlines Center
Oct. 08 – Little Rock, AR – Verizon Arena
Oct. 10 – Evansville, IN – The Ford Center
Oct. 11 – Lexington, KY – Rupp Arena
Oct. 13 – Grand Rapids, MI – Van Andel Arena
Oct. 14 – Buffalo, NY – First Niagra Center
Oct. 16 – Bridgeport, CT – Webster Bank Arena
Oct. 17 – Manchester, NH – Verizon Wireless Arena
Oct. 18 – Bangor, ME – Cross Insurance Center
Dec. 04 – Lincoln, NE – Pinnacle Bank Arena
Dec. 07 – Sioux Falls, SD – Denny Sanford Premier Center
Dec. 08 – Grand Forks, ND – Alerus Center
Dec. 10 – Saskatoon, SA – SaskTel Centre
Dec. 12 – Edmonton, AB – Rexall Place
Dec. 13 – Calgary, AB – ScotiaBank Saddledome
Dec. 15 – Portland, OR – Moda Center
Dec. 19 – Phoenix, AZ – U.S. Airways Center
Dec. 20 – San Diego, CA – Viejas Arena
Dec. 22 – Anaheim, CA – Honda Center
Dec. 27 – Las Vegas, NV – MGM Arena



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