First review of Kickin Valentina’s upcoming new release, “Super Atomic,” by Twisters Music. Way to go, guys! AB

Mix a little bit of sleaze, a little bit of blues, and a whole lot of rock’n’roll attitude, and you have KICKIN VALENTINA –

Twisters Music review of Kickin Valentina’s-“Super Atomic”

Hey Gene Simmons!! Wake -up… Rock and Roll is alive and well and Kickin Ass!!
So…. what do you do after winning the 2014 Georgia Music award for “Best Rock Band” Go to Disney World??? Not Kickin Valentina- you go back to the studio and write/produce a louder, harder, more aggressive kick ass album!!

“Super Atomic” Kickin Valentina’s newest creation- is definitely a statement to the “Rock World”- we are here—and we aint sitting around!!

From Track 1- “Sermon”- Parental Advisory- lol- to track 7 “Some Kinda Sex”- just gritty,dirty,sexy rock and roll- the ways it’s supposed to be!!

Twisters Music Track to watch for-#5-Fist N Twist- I give it the ‪#‎PUHPOW‬Award!!
Get ready 2015 Georgia Music Awards- Better get them a bigger trophy this year-They’re back!!!! Can y’all say” Back to Back” Yeah I said it!!!

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